Generally speaking, sunglasses can also be equipped with glasses, provided that they are flat, without the influence of the degree and the optical center of the lens, so that they can be customized. If you want to correct your eyesight, you should consider various factors such as diopter, astigmatism axis, interpupillary distance, frame style (half frame, full frame, frameless), and then consider its beautiful and fashionable frame that matches your face shape.

Can not choose sunglasses as the frame has the following aspects to explain:

1. If you are highly myopic, you cannot choose a frameless or large frame (similar to the frame of sunglasses). Because the degree of myopia is high, the lens is too thick (myopia lenses are thin in the middle and thick at the edge), and the larger the frame, the thicker the edge will be. One is that it affects the appearance, and the other is that the weight is too large, the bridge of the nose is oppressed by wearing it for a long time, and the comfort is very poor.

2. The large frame of the sunglasses will cause the optical center of the lens to shift so that there will be a large deviation from the interpupillary distance and the near-eye distance, which will cause unclear vision and dizziness.

3. The overall frame of sunglasses also has excessive curvature, which will change the actual luminosity of the lens, easily cause visual fatigue, and deepen the degree of myopia of the eyes. In particular, myopia patients with smaller interpupillary distances cannot choose sunglasses frames as optical frames.