1. Change In Diopter

The new mirror excludes the scratches and wear of the old mirror under the action of external force and is basically refitted after the optometry finds that the degree has increased. Well, the biggest change in this new pair of glasses is the lenses. Due to changes in the diopter of the eyes, the lenses of the new glasses have changes in light transmittance, Abbe number, lens design, etc. It takes a little time for the eyes that are used to the old lenses to adapt to the new glasses.

2. The Change Of The Mirror Frame

When myopia patients are fitted with new glasses, they generally re-select the frame, size, style, etc. of the frame, plus new lenses with adjusted degrees, especially for astigmatism and axial adjustment. Myopia patients wear new glasses It takes a little time for the eyes to adapt. But even if the frame is not changed, the eye distance, inclination angle, and face curvature will also be adjusted with the new degree of glasses, and the eyes need to re-adapt.

3. The Service Life Of Old Mirrors

Some myopic patients who have used old glasses for a long time will experience short-term discomfort when wearing new glasses, even if the diopter of the eyes has not changed too much. This discomfort is mainly caused by changes in the clarity, light transmittance, forward tilt angle, nose pad position, etc. of the new and old lenses. It is equivalent to changing the eyes to a new environment, so short-term discomfort will inevitably occur.