How to properly clean eyeglass lenses:

1. It is recommended that when you do not wear glasses, wrap the glasses with glasses cloth and put them in the glasses case, which can effectively avoid dust;

2. When wiping the lens, use the glasses cloth to gently circle the center of the lens towards the side, and the force should not be too large. It is recommended to pay attention to the posture of holding the glasses when wiping. You can wipe the glasses with one hand, and hold the center of the glasses frame near the nose pad with the other hand to ensure the balance of force on both sides of the frames and avoid deformation of one side of the frame.

3. If the surrounding conditions permit, you can turn on the faucet, hold the glasses at an angle of about 30 degrees, and use a thinner and slower water column to rinse the lens. Never use too fast or too strong a water column to rinse the lens vertically. After washing, let the glasses air dry and air dry instead of blow drying with hot air.

4. Because the hands often touch the lens, it will be oily, so it is recommended to use detergent to clean it. After cleaning with detergent without water, rinse with water, and then wipe with soft paper or glasses cloth.

5. There are also some cleanliness among myopia who will clean their glasses frequently. It is recommended to clean the lenses once every two days.

6. You can also go to the nearest optician’s shop and ask professionals to help clean the spectacle lenses with an ultrasonic cleaner.


How to properly care for framed glasses:

1. Placement method

For temporary storage, place the convex side of the glasses upwards. If the glasses are placed with the convex side down, the lenses will be scratched.

2. The way to wipe the lens

Use a clean special lens cloth, be sure to hold the edge of the frame on the side of the mirror with your hand, and wipe the lens gently. Avoid excessive force to cause damage to the frame or lens.

3. Taking off and wearing glasses

Please hold the temples with both hands and take them off along the parallel direction on both sides of the cheeks. If you take it off with one hand, it will destroy the left-right balance of the frame and cause deformation.

4. The folding mirror frame should start from the left

Most frames are designed to be folded from the left temple, so if you fold the right temple first, it is easy to cause deformation of the frame.

5. When the lens is stained with dust or dirt

Dry wiping is easy to scratch the lens. It is recommended to rinse with clean water and then dry it with a paper towel and dry it with a special glasses cloth. When the lens is very dirty, it is recommended to wash it with a low-concentration neutral lotion, then rinse it with water and dry it.

6. Please use the glasses case

When not wearing glasses, please wrap them in glasses cloth and put them in the glasses case. Please avoid contact with corrosive items such as insect repellents, toilet cleaning products, cosmetics, hairspray, medicines, etc. during storage, otherwise, it will cause deterioration, deterioration, and discoloration of lenses and frames.

7. When the glasses are deformed

The deformation of the frame can put a burden on the nose or ears, and the lenses are easy to loosen. It is recommended to go to a professional store for plastic adjustments on a regular basis.

8. Do not use the resin lens during intense exercise. It may be broken by strong impact, which may easily cause eye and face damage. It is recommended not to use it during intense exercise.

9. Do not use worn lenses

It is recommended not to use lenses that have scratches, stains, cracks, etc., otherwise the light will scatter and make things unclear and cause vision loss.

10. Don’t look directly at the sun

Even if the lens has a difference in shade, do not look directly at the sun or strong light, otherwise, it will hurt your eyes.

11. Please drive and operate after you are completely used to wearing glasses to see things

Due to the prism of the lens, it is difficult to grasp the sense of distance in the newly purchased glasses. Please do not drive or operate before you are fully used to it.

12. If the lens gets wet, please dry it immediately

If you wait for it to dry naturally, the limescale will become a stain that is difficult to wipe off and you will not be able to see things clearly.

13. Wash away the traces of sweat and cosmetics and dry them

When the lens is attached with sweat, fruit juice, hair spray (gel), cosmetics, etc., please wash it with water and dry it immediately. If it is not treated in time, it will cause stripping.

14. Do not place it at a high temperature (above 60°C) for a long time

High temperature can easily lead to deformation of the lens or cracks on the surface of the film layer. Please do not place it in direct sunlight or high-temperature places such as the front window of the cab.