1. When wearing progressive multi-focal glasses at the initial stage, the principle to be followed is: first stay still and then move first indoor and then outdoors adaptation process.

2. First determine the distance range, look straight ahead with both eyes, and don’t look to the side, first watch TV indoors.

3. Determine the close range, close the jaw slightly, look down at the newspaper with the eyes, look at the position, and align the tip of the nose with that position.

4. Determine the range of the middle visual field, look straight at the eyes, pass through the transition zone in the middle, and look down slowly, then you can watch the computer and play mahjong.

5. Walking indoors may be a bit unaccustomed at first, but you will usually get used to it after 4-5 days; when going up and down stairs, getting on and off the car, you must lower your head and use the far-reaching area to look; when walking outdoors, you will get used to it on flat roads.

6. Taking off and wearing glasses with both hands, long-term taking off, and wearing glasses with one hand will easily deform the frame.

7. It is not advisable to wear glasses during strenuous exercise to avoid deformation of the glasses caused by collisions; take off the glasses when sleeping or lying on the table to avoid deformation of the glasses.

8. Wipe the glasses with a special glasses cloth, and clean the lenses with a special care solution. Avoid using paper towels, handkerchiefs or clothes to prevent the lenses from being scratched.

9. Do not place the glasses in a high-temperature environment above 50 degrees (sauna, car windshield, etc.) so as not to accelerate the detachment of the lens film and the aging of the frame.

10. Avoid contact with chemicals (hair dyes, etc.) to prevent the lens and frame from being corroded, and the film layer will fall off and the frame will be damaged.

11. Put the glasses into the mirror box when not wearing them to prevent extrusion and deformation; do a good job of maintaining the glasses and adjusting the frame regularly.