Glass fogging is usually caused by temperature differences. When the patient enters a warm and humid environment, such as from outside to inside, the moisture on the glasses will condense into water droplets, causing fogging. Here’s how to keep your glasses from fogging up:

1. Adjust The Temperature

Try to avoid suddenly entering a warm and humid environment from cold air. Before entering the room, you can place the glasses in a room filled with warmth, or use a hair dryer to blow warm air on the glasses to make them acclimatize to the temperature of the warm environment.

2. Use Anti-fog Spray

There are special anti-fog sprays available on the market. Spray the spray evenly on the lens and operate according to the instructions to form a protective film to prevent the glasses from fogging.

3. Adjust The Position Of The Glasses

If the patient wears myopia glasses, the glasses can be slightly pushed away from the face to provide more air circulation and reduce the chance of moisture evaporating on the glasses.

4. Clean The Lens

Make sure the lens of the glasses is kept clean, the oil and dirt of the human body may make the glasses more prone to fogging. Wash lenses with warm water and mild soap, then gently wipe clean with a soft eyeglass cloth.