Cycling glasses are different from sunglasses and should never be worn while cycling. Because cycling glasses have more windproof function than sunglasses, don’t underestimate this function, it can greatly reduce the chance of conjunctivitis in glasses. Cycling glasses cannot use glass as the lens material, because it will greatly enhance the possibility of injury in a crash, but the use of resin can protect the glasses from being scratched.

1. The frame must be made of high-elastic composite engineering resin material, which has good elasticity and strength, is light in texture, and feels very comfortable to wear.

2. Unique soft professional nose pad design, completely different from ordinary sunglasses, can safely protect the nose from injuries caused by gravity impact.

3. Cycling glasses generally have 5 different colors of optical-grade PC material lenses, which can be replaced by themselves according to different uses and occasions. Even if one pair of lenses is worn out, there are still 4 other pairs of lenses that can be used, which greatly prolongs the life cycle of the glasses and your consumption cost.

4. Ergonomic radian design, suitable for different sizes of faces.

5. Unique decomposing design: It adopts a surface skin texture coating similar to IBM laptops, making it more comfortable to wear.