Finding the perfect colored glasses is like an adventure! You are looking for frames and lenses that suit your personal style. From your hair to your eyes to your skin tone, the right color for you will accentuate all of these features.


where do you begin? Start with this guide and find out everything you need to know about what color glasses you should be buying.


How do I choose the right color glasses?


Hair Color

We spend a lot of time taking care of our hair. Not surprisingly, this is a major factor in choosing the best colored glasses. Your hair speaks volumes when it comes to frame color!

Black Hair

The good news for people with dark hair is that they can choose from many different colors. The natural neutrality of black gives you options, allowing you to focus on matching your eyes and skin tone.

Blond Hair

Platinum gold in cooler tones will look great paired with blue and purple frames or lenses. Those with strawberry or honey blonde hair will want to opt for a warmer color like pink or blonde.

Brown Hair

Brown hair can be paired with cool or neutral colors. If you have particularly dark hair, shades of blue look great. Earthy and neutral colors always work well with any type of brown hair.

Red & Orange Hair

Dark neutral frames accentuate the red hair. Gold is also a great choice for darker reds, while for lighter, orange shades try green or blue.

Gray & Silver Hair

Complement your silver mane with a set of silver frames. Other cool colors—green, blue, and even purple—are also great options for those with gray hair.


Eye Color

When people meet someone, the first thing they notice is his eyes. Keeping your eye color in mind can be key when choosing eyeglass colors.

Blue Eyes

Blue and silver glasses go really well with blue eyes. You can also try some different patterns, such as tortoise.

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes need warm colors like gold and green to show their richness. If you’re one of the lucky few with hazel eyes, dark green or gray is your choice.

Green Eyes

Earth tones go well with green eyes. You can also try warmer colors like red or purple for a bolder look.


Skin Tone

In addition to your natural skin tone, your skin tone plays a huge role in what color suits you. Estheticians often consider undertones when choosing the right makeup and foundation for their clients.

Even if you have dark skin, you can still have a cool tone. On the other hand, people with pale skin may have a warm undertone.

Cool Skin Tones

Follow the general rules we outlined above. If you have a cool tone, choose cool colors for your glasses.

Neutral Skin Tones

Neutral skin tones should go for neutral shades, but just like with black hair, you have room to experiment.

Warm Skin Tones

Did you notice the pattern? Those with warm-toned skin will want warm-toned glasses.

Olive Skin Tones

Some people may notice a gray or off-white color to their skin. If so, you likely have an olive tone. This skin tone is somewhere between warm and neutral, and it complements these shades perfectly. Green is especially good for olive skin.