1. Full-frame Glasses Frames: Ladies select the thin edge of the metal frame, and men choose the panel frame that looks more fashionable.

This glass frame is more common, the frame of glasses is relatively strong, not easy to deform, and can bear a considerable part of the thickness of the lens.


2. Half-rim Glasses Frames: more mature and stable, the first choice of workplace men.

Half-frame glass frames with thin nylon thread instead of a part of the frame, giving a sense of lack of bottom frame. Its weight is lighter, and looks uniquely, strong. If you are a close-sighted friend, choose a pair of half-frame glasses, that not only can reduce the load of the nostrils, but also look more stylish!


3. Rimless Glasses: lightweight fashion, workplace ladies’ first choice.

These glasses have no glass frames wrapped in the glass circle, only metal-nose straps and glasses feet, the lens is fixed after the hole, relatively lighter.


4. Eyebrow Frames: Pursue the distinction.

The shape of the eyebrow frame spectacle frame is somewhat similar to the half frame spectacle frame, because the upper half of the frame is made of a loop wire similar to the eyebrows, so it gets the name eyebrow frame frame. The style is very fashionable, fashion seekers may wish to wear a pair.